7 Unique Wood Room Divider Screens To Partition Rooms

Looking for an elegant way to partition your rooms? Using wood room divider screens is an excellent idea to do it. The wood room dividers add an exotic touch to your home decor.

The decorative room divider screens  impresses guests with the intricate carved design work. It is a functional piece of furniture that also becomes the focal point of conversation.

The wooden screens room dividers are multi functional.

You can use them as  portable wall partitions between your living room and dining room. The wood folding screen room divider is also effective to separate the dressing area in the bedroom .

Use the Wooden space divider  in the family room to demarcate play area for the kids. You can also create your own home office nook using the beautiful and rustic wood room dividers.

Carved Wood Room Divider

indian hand carved wooden screen room divider
Indian Hand Carved Wooden Screen Room Divider
indian hand carved wooden screen room divider

Get a lot of compliments for your choice of room divider. The Indian hand carved wooden screen room divider looks elegant and attractive. This limited edition carver wood room divider screens will impress all.

4 Panel Ornate Wood Room Divider  


Decorative Wood Room Divider This is  a decorative wood room divider that will be a show stopper in your home. The hand polished 4 panel room divider measures 72″Hx 80″L .

The frame made of mango wood is sturdy. The panels  hand carved on MDF  ( Medium Density Fiberboard ) have intricate patterns.


3 Panel Solid Wood Room Divider


Solid Wood Screen Room DividerA 3 panel room divider in solid wood measuring 59″H x 51″L . The modern room divider has a lattice design on top and bottom.

Add style to the room decor with bamboo panels in the middle.


Antique Wood 4 Panel Room Divider Screen


Antique Wood Room DividerA gorgeous accent furniture with antique finish. The hand carved solid wood room divider screen gives your private space a designer look.

The 4- panel attractive wood folding room divider screen  measures 72″ x 80″ L.  Varnishing  gives the the wood space divider  long lasting color.


White Wood Room Divider Screen


white wood room dividerHere is an elegant antique white wood room divider for your living room. Separate your private space to welcome guests with a statement piece.

This wood room divider measures 72″Hx 80″L. The wooden frame is made of mango wood  with 4 panels. . The exquisite lotus pattern is hand carved on MDF boards.


Sun and Moon Wood Room Divider Carved Screen


Sun and Moon Wood Room DividerThis carved wood room divider gives a special look to your decor. It is an excellent piece of decorative art with sun and moon design. Separate living space or hide shelves with this decorative wood screen.

The 4 panel wood divider measures 80 x 20 x 6 inches.


4 Panel Solid Wood Room Screen Divider


Solid Wood Screen Room Divider

A 4 panel solid wood room divider that adds a sophisticated look . It is a sleek room partition that can be folded flat for storage.

The wooden divider measures 70″H x 68″L and has a walnut finish. Choose this one if you want a simple but elegant space divider.










Wood Room Divider Screens


wood room dividers

The wood room divider with Indian carved designs adds a decorative element to your space. The folding screen as room separators is a practical decor idea.Have these room divider ideas sparked your imagination on how to use them in your homes ?

Here is another style of room dividers to add uniqueness to your home decor  >>>> Photo Frame Room Dividers .

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