7 Cute Animal Tea Kettles That Whistle For Fun Tea time

Use novelty whistling animal tea kettles to announce tea time ! Choose from unique and cute tea kettles that whistle to make it more interesting.

Made of  of enamel on steel, in unusual shapes, the tea kettles are functional beauties. Add water into the adorable animal kettles and listen to them whistle in their voice tone. The kettle for tea works on both, gas and electric stove.

Cute Whistling Animal Tea Kettles For Unique Kitchen Decor

Add color and style to your kitchen decor with the cute tea kettles . The unique animal tea kettles that whistle will be conversation starters. Entertain and impress guests with animal sounds announcing tea time.

Here are whimsical tea kettles bringing lovable animals into our kitchen. Let your kitchen decor reflect your taste. Choose from the cool tea kettles below for fun tea times…

1.Whistling animal kettle Zebra

Whistling animal kettle zebra
Zebra Tea kettle


A cute black and white tea kettle with zebra stripes on the body. The face and neck form the handle of the unique tea kettle.

2.Giraffe Enamel Tea Kettle

Giraffe tea kettle
Giraffe Tea Kettle


Let the giraffe help you make tea. The whistling kettle has the giraffe face and long neck as the handle. Brown and white skin pattern on the surface gives a stylish look.

3.Cute Flamingo  Whistling Tea Kettle

Flamingo Whistling Tea Kettle
Flamingo Whistling Tea Kettle


I love this cute flamingo tea kettle. Such a beautiful hand painted tea pot . It is a trendy whistling tea kettle that will be a conversation starter. The detailing with pink neck for the handle and painted feathers on the pot makes this a winner.

4.Rooster Whistling Tea Kettle

Rooster Whistling Tea Kettle
Rooster Whistling Tea Kettle


Enamel tea kettle with rooster shape spout. The body is in brown with whimsical polka dot design. Let the rooster wake you up for your tea!

5.Whistling Tea Kettle  Cow

Cow novelty Tea Kettle
Cow Novelty Tea Kettle


Let the cow’s moo inform you that the water for your tea is ready. A cute white tea pot with black cow spots and a tiny cowbell too.

6. Cute Whistling Pig Metal Tea Kettle

Whistling Pig Metal Tea Kettle
Whistling Pig Metal Tea Kettle


A pink tea kettle with the lid designed like the pigs face. A quirky whimsical tea pot for a pig themed kitchen.

7.Whistling Tea Kettle Elephant

Whistling Tea Kettles
Whistling Tea Kettle Elephant


An adorable baby elephant to help you make the perfect tea! The trunk is designed to be the handle and you have cute ivory tusks near the spout. The gray tea pot has the elephant body painted on it.

Novelty Animal Tea Kettles For Holiday Gifts



The whistling animal tea kettles make cute and novelty gifts for those who love quirky things. Choose one today to bring a smile on their face.

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