28 Unique Shaped Coffee Mugs For Coffee Drinkers Gifts

Gifts for an avid coffee drinker ? Unique shaped coffee mugs are a great choice. The unusual novelty coffee mugs like animal shaped mugs will impress them.

Gifting creative coffee mugs for birthdays,Christmas,or other special occasion is an awesome idea . The different shapes of coffee mugs makes them an interesting addition to the coffee lovers collection.

You have so many unique mugs to choose from. I have featured here some of the really cool coffee mugs to make your gift shopping easier.

Camera Shaped Coffee Mugs

Amazing coffee mugs gift for the photography enthusiasts. The realistic replica of the camera will make the camera lovers thrilled to see it.

Camera Shaped Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

Choose between the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Camera Lens shaped mug or the retro camera mug featured here. Check Amazon for other camera lens mugs.

Fun Shaped Coffee Mugs

The Original Toilet Mug -The toilet bowl shaped coffee mug will shock the person who receives it. The quirky gift will soon change the shock to a spurt of laughter.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug– A novelty coffee mug that lets you express the purpose of your drink. A humorous gift for shocking people.

Fun Shaped Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

Checkout more interesting mugs for a good laugh this festive season.

Ceramic Shaped Coffee Mugs – Volkswagen Vans

A fun unique coffee mug for one who loves his Volkswagen van. The VW fan will be thrilled to receive this ceramic van shaped mug as a gift.

Volkswagen – 4 Piece Ceramic Shaped Coffee Mug setBUY FROM AMAZON

Choose from 4 colors- red,blue,green or orange camper vans or get the full set!

Novelty Doughnut Coffee Mugs

Doughnut and coffee ! A sweet combo. Doughnut coffee mugs to add sweetness to your morning cup of coffee. A cool gift for your holiday party guests.

Doughnut Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

Skull Shaped Coffee Mugs

Unique novelty coffee mugs with skull shape. A great gift for those who love skulls and all things Gothic. Realistic 3D mugs that makes your fantasy soar.

Skull Shaped Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

Check other choices too in the weird shaped coffee mugs.

Unique Shaped Coffee Mugs-Star Wars Mugs

Your choice for a perfect gift for the Star Wars fans.

The unusual shaped coffee mugs are 3D mugs with realistic rendering. They come with a removable lid to cover and insulate your drink.



Featured here-Stormtrooper Helmet,Darth Vader Helmet and Boba Fett Helmet .

Unusual Shaped Coffee Mugs

Brass Knuckle Duster Handle Coffee Mug – An unique ceramic coffee mug with brass handle shaped like knuckles. A cool gift for your biker friends and those who are into the rugged sport.

Doctor Who Figural Tardis Mug – Looking for a gift for Doctor Who fans? This rectangular shaped coffee mug with lid will be perfect for them.

They will notice and appreciate the detailing on the differently shaped coffee mug .

Horn-shaped coffee mugA coffee mug with a story behind it. It is the goats that led to the discovery of coffee berries. And the goat horn coffee mug is a dedication to them.

You can carry the horn mugs anywhere you want with the straps provided with it. Available in 4 colors.

Unusual Shaped Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

Unique Animal Shaped Coffee Mugs

Have a great start to your morning with coffee with your favorite animal. The different shaped coffee mugs with animal forms makes a great gift for all.

Pug Mugs – Here are 2 cute dog shaped mugs for the pug lover. The pug coffee mugs make adorable gifts for them.

Owl Shaped Coffee Mugs  – Whimsical owl coffee mugs for all owl collectors . The hand painted ceramic coffee mugs are a great addition to the bird lovers mug collection.

Cat Shaped Coffee Mugs -The cat coffee mug with vibrant colors looks so purrfect for a cat lover gift. The cute cat on the coffee mug makes it a great gift idea for Christmas .

Giraffe Shaped Coffee Mugs – Creative coffee mugs with the giraffe neck turned into the mugs handle. The hand painted 3D detailing makes these mugs a wonderful gift for the giraffe lover.

Fox Coffee Mug – A cute little fox smiling at you as you have your coffee. The orange fox shaped mug is an adorable gift for fox lovers.

Animal Shaped Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

Music Note Mugs

The music themed coffee mugs are a wonderful choice for gifts for musicians.

Musician Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

Featured here are 2 music coffee mugs with musical notes design. You have the handles shaped like violin in one and as a music note in the other.

Heart Shaped Coffee Mugs

Express your love with these unique shaped coffee mugs.

Heart Shaped Coffee MugsBUY FROM AMAZON

The heart coffee mug has a cute handle with a small heart on the tip. You get a love heart spoon and plate to compliment the heart mug.You can also choose the heart shaped coffee mugs that fit together. The color changing couple mug makes a cute and romantic gift for couples.

Unique Shaped Coffee Mugs For Christmas Gifts

Unique Shaped Coffee Mugs For Coffee Drinkers Gifts

Coffee Drinkers Gift IdeasBUY FROM AMAZON

You can find creative coffee mugs online to give as unique gifts. The designer coffee mugs with interesting shapes will become their favorite coffee mug.

Happy Shopping! Merry Christmas!

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