Unique Photo Frame Room Divider Screen For Privacy

Here is an elegant collection of Photo frame room divider screens that are functional and decorative . 

They will help you find the answer for these questions…

Are you looking for a way to create more privacy at home?

Do you want to divide a room in your house ?

Would you like to share your happy memories with all?

All these wishes will come true when you choose a photo frame room divider.  The double side display design for adding photos make them unique and more special.

They are also designer accents that are conversation starters. 

Memories Double Sided Photo Frame Room Divider


memories photo frame room divider

Memories Double Sided Photo  Divider

folding dividers for home

This is an elegant standing picture frame room divider that will let you showcase 30 photos measuring 8 x 10 inches.The 3 panel photo room divider has rotating frames that lets you view the photos displayed on both sides.

The memories photo frame room divider made of hardwood with rosewood finish looks sleek as a photo display stand. It is functional helping you showcase a lot in a small space.

Vintage Finish 3 Panel Photo Screen Room Divider

Vintage Finish 3 Panel Photo Screen Room DividereHemco 3-panel Folding Photo Screen/Room Divider in natural oiled vintage finish

folding dividers for home

Here is a rustic and classy looking photo frame divider with distressed wood look for a vintage feel.

Display your favorite memories in 9 swivel picture frames . You can add 18 pictures measuring 9.5″x6″ in this tall standing pic frame.

The free standing divider measures 63-1/4″H x 37″W x 3/4

Folding Picture Frame Room Divider


floor standing photo frame

Picture Folding Screen, Torched Brown

folding dividers for home

This photo room screen divider lets you display 32 pictures. The Plexi glass windows are double sided and measures  8.5″ x 11″ . The stand is  of Paulownia wood with torched brown finish.

The standing photo screen will be the center of attention with your house guests .

Picture Frame Room Divider Black

BLACK photo frame room divider

Picture frame room divider 3 panel screen

photo room divider

You can add 9 special photos or artwork in this attractive three panel photo screen. You have swivel picture frames to show off your favorite photos and artwork measuring 9.5″x6″.

The wood photo frame room divider is available in 3 colors -Black,Dark Brown and Natural Oiled Vintage.

Looking for more choices?

Double Sided Photo Frame Room Divider Screens

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Picture Folding Screen divider
Picture Folding Screen to display 22 photos

Stylish Room Divider Ideas

Here are some unique room dividers choices for your home.
Each room divider screen offers a different look to your home decor.

UPDATED ON : September 19,2017

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