9 Large Decorative Wall Clocks To Check Time In Style

Looking for a room accent that will immediately add a powerful impact? The large decorative wall clocks will help you create it.

The size and design of the functional clock makes it a designer element for your home decor. Using  extra large decorative wall clocks as focal point of the room is a fashionable trend now.

I have chosen 9 unique decorative large wall clocks to make your choice easier…

24 inch Decorative Wall Clocks


1.Large Kaleidoscope Wall Clock – Brighten up your den with this light and stylish clock on a steel frame. The large decorative wall clock  has a bold  multi color panel  frame.

The colorful and unique 24″ round wall clock has large roman numerals to show you the time.

24 inch round wall clock
decorative wall clocks


2.Canal St. Martin Square Wall Clock – A square metal wall clock with a distressed effect. An ivory face with blue green embossed decorative frame adds a vintage look to the classic clock.

This is a 24″ large designer decorative wall clock.

Square Wall Clock

decorative wall clocks


Decorative Metal Wall Clocks


3.Decorative Leaf Metal Wall Clock – A decorative wall clock with an unique leaves pattern. The non-ticking clock with a diameter of 25″ will add a classy touch to your living room wall . The 9″ glass dial has black Arabic numerals for easy reading.

This is a  decorative clock that will get you raves for your choice. It looks gorgeous and elegant with a shine to it.

Decorative Leaf Metal Wall Clock

decorative wall clocks


4.Benzara Metal Clock to Track the Time in Style – An antique look, vintage wall clock with fleur de lis pattern. You have a wrought iron frame with the roman numerals around the distressed style wood dial.

The rustic large wall clock will look great in your fireplace. The large size of 36″ will make it a focal point in your room decor.


metal decorative wall clock

decorative wall clocks


Decorative Oversized Wall Clocks


5. Peacock Iron Art Metal Wall Clock – A modern metal wall clock design inspired by the peacock. An unique design with metal and rhinestone to form peacock feathers around the 9″dial. The clock measurement is  34.2×24.2″ .

A luxurious pattern that looks stylish.It will get you many appreciative compliments.

Peacock Iron Art Metal Wall Clock

decorative wall clocks


6.Distressed Colorful Wall Clock – Here is a decorative wall clock that will be a show piece and conversation starter. The oversized wall clock has an unique multicolor frame in distress style. It looks striking with an interesting wavy and  textured pattern.

The big wall clock has an yellow face with classic roman numerals. Measures  30.5″ in diameter and requires 1 AA battery.


Distressed Colorful Wall Clock

decorative wall clocks


Decorative Wood Wall Clocks

7.Contemporary Decorative Wall Clock –  A modern wall clock design in wood. Measures 2 feet and looks contemporary with its architectural element design.

Wood Wall Clock Contemporary Black

decorative wall clocks


8.Wooden Vintage Large Wall Clock – You will fall in love with this unique handmade wall clock. This large 20″ clock has a rustic look with the gear design as the clock face.

The roman numerals with metallic texture  around the frame adds a rugged industrial look.

 Wooden Vintage Large Wall Clock

decorative wall clocks

Frameless Large Wall Clock


9.Modern 3D Frameless Large Wall Clock – A modern wall clock to show your creativity to all. This is a  DIY clock that comes with the numerals,clock hands and numbers in words to assemble. You have the freedom to decide the size of the frame-less wall clock.

A cool clock with silver finish decorative numbers in different sizes for an unique look. Position them around center clock mechanism. Add the letters and you have a 3D clock that will impress all .

Frameless Large Wall Clock

decorative wall clocks


The oversized wall clocks make a powerful  impression. You can use them in any room wall in your home . You can choose from a modern  or traditional design to match your home decor theme and buy decorative wall clocks online
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