6 Indoor Water Fountains Waterfalls For Peaceful Decor

Using unique indoor water fountains waterfalls for home decor gives it a pleasant look . It is also a feng Shui feature that symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

The water fountains for the home makes you feel relaxed with its soothing sound of waterfalls. The water accent piece has an aesthetic appeal. It is also uplifting and positive with the flowing water energy.

Having a small water fountain feature indoor makes it the focal point of your home decor. Also,the water fountains inside homes become a conversation starter.

Here is a collection of bestselling indoor water fountains online…

Modern Indoor Water Fountains Waterfalls

1. Modern Sphere Curve Cascading High Fountain

Modern Indoor Water Fountains Waterfalls

cool indoor water fountain

The Modern Sphere Curve Cascading High Fountain is a stylish water fountain. It is designed in a modern and contemporary style for indoor or outdoor use. The fountain ,made of polyresin ,has a stone finish look that gives it a solid feel.

The easy to assemble water fountain comes with two 10 watt halogen bulbs . This helps to give it a glowing atmosphere at night with water rippling over it.

The cascading fountain measures 39 1/2″ high and 16 1/2″ wide. The depth is 18″ making it a compact water feature to highlight your zen home decor.

2. Indoor Tabletop Water Fountain -Bardenshire Chatsworth I35-245

Indoor Tabletop Water Fountain


unusual indoor water fountain

Here is a modern tabletop water fountain with an interesting square pattern. The water flows in 3 levels from rectangular blocks,designed with different colors and textures.

The small tabletop fountain measures 5.6 inches by 5.6 inches by 11.6 inches. It is constructed with stone powder and polyresin for durability.

Rustic Indoor Water Fountains Waterfalls

1. Three Rustic Jugs Cascading Fountain

Three Rustic Jugs Cascading Fountain

rustic indoor water fountains

The Three Rustic Jugs Cascading Fountain is a beautiful decorative indoor water fountains example. Choose it to give a rustic touch to your contemporary home decor.

The indoors water fountain has rustic jugs placed in 3 levels with water cascading down . This gives a soothing sound of flowing water in the background.

The water fountain made of resin has a stone finish. Measures 14″ wide, 13″ deep and 33″ high with a pump for continuous water flow.

2. Triple Jug Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fountain


Triple Jug Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fountain

indoor tabletop water fountain

A  rustic small indoor fountain to keep on the tabletop. You have 3 jugs in different sizes with water flowing from the biggest to the smallest . The water gets re-pumped to keep the water flowing and give a soothing feel and atmosphere to your home decor.

Made of Polyresin, this tabletop indoor fountain has a Chocolate speckle glaze. The measurements are 9 3/4″ wide,9 3/4″ deep and 8 1/4″ high.

Indoor Water Fountains With Lights

1.Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain

waterfall indoor fountain

 indoor waterfall fountainsThe Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain is a rugged indoor water fountain. It looks like water is flowing down uneven gray stones. This indoor fountain with lights is made of fiberglass with a stone like finish.

The lighting with LED lights adds a subtle illumination that makes it glow at night. The indoor outdoor water fountain measures 23″L x 18″w x 40″h. You can place it in your room corners or outside garden for a peaceful touch to your rustic home decor.

2. Tabletop Fountain with Candles

Tabletop Fountain with 3-Candles


indoor tabletop water fountain

The bestselling Alpine WCT202 Tabletop Fountain with 3-Candles is a compact indoor water fountain .You have 6 columns in different heights.They have spouts for the water to flow from the tallest to the smallest and to the base to be re pumped.

Add,to your soothing waterfalls indoor fountain,small tealights or candles for a glowing touch.

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