Decorative Animal Shaped Fans To Cool Your Home

Keep cool this summer with the fun and functional animal shaped fans. The decorative table fans are unique and perfect for a funky decor.

The decorative unique animal themed fans are stylish electrical fans . The handcrafted animal figurines add a charm to your room decor with their unique design.

The animal portable fans brighten and cool your surrounding. Keep it in the kitchen while you sweat out cooking. Use it in the library as you relax with your favorite books. Bring home the energetic feel of animals indoors with designer table fans.

The decorative table top fans with innovative designs are perfect as conversation pieces. Your guests will be intrigued by the brightly painted metal animal fans.

DecoBREEZE , are the masters in manufacturing the decorative fans. They have many different collections in designer figurine fans to choose from . Give a decorative touch to your home decor with the deco breeze animal fans.

Unique Animal Shaped Fans For A Cool Summer Home Decor

Checkout these adorable animal designs from the unique animal shaped fans collection . Deco Breeze Table Fans for a cool summer!

African Elephant Fan
Deco Breeze African Elephant Fan

Deco Breeze African Elephant Fan
Metal animal shaped fans

Bring home the wild nature with the African elephant fan. The decorative metal fan in the elephant body cools efficiently. The trumpet blowing elephant looks impressive.

Metal Cat Fan

Metal Cat Figurine Fan
Metal animal shaped fans -Cat

A unique decorative table fan with a cat shape. The cute cat fan is made of metal with a stone texture. Serves double purpose-cools and heats as you wish for the season. A perfect gift for feline lovers.

Colorful Hummingbird Portable Fan

Colorful Hummingbird Portable Fan
Metal animal shaped fans -hummingbird


Cute and colorful table top fans that are easy to use. The bright colored hummingbird fan is a stylish decoration that serves a purpose.

Deco Breeze Parrot Fan

Colorful Parrot Fan
Metal animal shaped fans -parrot

A fabulous looking parrot figurine fan in multi-colors. The handcrafted metal fan adds a chirpy look and helps you with extra air circulation.

Gecko Figurine Circulating Fan

Gecko Figurine Fan
Metal animal shaped fans

A decorative table fan designed with the whimsical gecko figurine . You have the gecko carrying the cooling device. A stylish addition ,for this summer, to make any room look and feel cooler.

Horse Shaped Electric Fan

Horse Shaped Electric Fan
horse portable fans

This is a two speed circulating fan, handcrafted into the horse shaped figurine fan. It helps you add a stylish look to your table top. Display it on your work-space to cool and inspire you with energy.

Country Dog Deco Breeze Figurine Fan

Country Dog Deco Breeze Figurine Fan
 dog-animal fans

An adorable country dog figurine fan to add a warm and fuzzy touch to your home decor. Made of high quality metal , the golden brown dog will cool and calm you this summer.

Decorative Animal Figurines As Unique Table Top Fans

Decorative Animal Shaped Fans

Unique Decorative Animal Shaped Fans animal shaped fans

Pick your favorite from the animal shaped fans to cool your home and escape this sweaty summer. The practical cooling device that is easy to move around looks adorable too !

The decorative figurine fans also make great gift for animal lovers . They are fully functional home decoration that are unique piece of artwork.

Metal animal shaped fans – A beautiful gift to keep home cool anytime !

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