Cute Christmas Wine Glasses For Unique Holiday Gifts

Say cheers to the festive season with cute Christmas wine glasses. Raise your toast using unique wine glasses that are hand painted.

The painted Christmas wine glasses add a cheerful touch to your festive decor. They also make an unusual holiday gift for family and friends.

Use the hand painted wine glasses to impress guests at your annual Christmas dinner party. They give a unique touch reflecting the seasonal spirit.

Here are some of the best wine glasses that you can use to make your Christmas party decor unique and special.

Best Choices in decorated Christmas wine glasses for your holiday decor….

Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses

Lolita wine glasses are exclusive hand painted Christmas wine glasses. The colorful whimsical patterns add to the joy of the season . The cool wine glasses have different drink recipes at the bottom .

The exquisite Lolita signature wine glass is a collector’s delight. The collectible glasses also  make perfect Christmas presents.  Lolita’s creative imagination makes the holiday glasses special.


1.Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses2.Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses3.Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses


  1. Holiday Beauty , 9″, Multicolor
  2. Love My Wine Glass, Silver Lining
  3. Poinsettia Wine Glass, 9″, Multicolor



 4.Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses            5.Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses                         6.Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses


  1. Snowflake Wine Glass, 9″, Multicolor
  2. Bling 10th Wine Glass, 10″, Multicolor
  3. Bling Oh Christmas Wine Glass


Spode Christmas Wine Glasses

Classic holiday wine glasses with traditional Christmas Tree design from Spode. The Christmas glassware help you celebrate the festive moment  with joy.

The hand decorated wine glasses , made in USA, is a family favorite since 1938. They are crafted with care for fine design details of the evergreen tree .

The Spode Christmas tree wine glasses also have a gold rim accent for richness and an unique touch. You can also chose the Christmas wine glass sets with red stem.

1.Spode Christmas Wine Glasses 2. Spode Christmas Wine Glasses 3. Spode Christmas Wine Glasses


  1. Spode Christmas Tree 13-Ounce Wine Goblets with Gold Rims, Set of 4
  2. Spode Christmas Tree Glass Wine Goblet with Red Stem, Set of 4
  3. Spode Christmas Tree Wine Glasses (4)


Stemless Wine Glasses – Holiday Glasses

Cool wine glasses that will be a hit in your holiday party. Use the unique stemless red wine glasses to entertain your guests. They are also great to give as hostess gifts for the festive season.

1. Stemless Wine Glasses     Stemless Wine Glasses      2. Stemless Wine Glasses 3.


  1. Holiday CHEERS and JOY Stemless Wine Glass Set of 2
  2. Stemless 16 Oz Christmas Wine Glass with Santa Belt
  3. Stemless Wine Glass Holiday Themed Words (Set of 4)


Painted Christmas Wine Glasses

The hand painted Christmas wine glasses are beautiful works of art. Appreciate the artistic design as you enjoy your glass of wine. You can see the talent of the artisan who took great care and time to make the one of a kind glasses.

The unusual wine glasses will be a delight to give as gifts for holidays and special occasions.


1.Painted Christmas Wine Glasses 2. Painted Christmas Wine Glasses 3. Painted Christmas Wine Glasses


1. Hand-Painted Peacock Feather Wine Glass
2. Mosaic Christmas Garland Collection
3. Antoni Barcelona Hand Painted Large Wine Glass


Christmas Wine Glasses Sets

Welcome the holiday season using  the Xmas wine glasses. The Christmas glasses helps you enjoy your drink in style.

Gift cute Christmas wine glasses set for holiday spirit to soar!

Cute Christmas Wine Glasses For Unique Holiday Gifts


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