25 Christmas Flameless Candles For A Festive Decor

The Christmas flameless candles lets you create the right ambiance for a festive decor. Choose the best flameless candles set for a glowing home decor.

You have a variety of choices from flameless tea lights, flameless taper candles,battery operated Christmas candles,flameless wax candles and more.

A number of questions run in your mind when you want to buy the flickering candles to display at home for Christmas. Some of them relate to …

  • Do you wish to create a serene lighting in your home for Christmas?
  • Do you love to use candles around the home for festive lighting?  But,you are scared that they will catch fire?
  • Do you want a mess free candle lighting in your home?
  • Do you want a warm glow flickering lighting effect without attending to the candles ?
  • Do you wish you can light candles at the same time everyday?

Use Christmas flameless candles is the answer for all these questions.

Lighting plays an important role in spreading the warm festive glow during Christmas. Candles in all sizes and shapes helps to create the serene warm glow. But we are scared to use them unattended with kids and pets around. Using remote control flameless candles  solves this problem easily.

The battery operated Christmas candles are easy to set and last long.The flameless candles are also a convenient and energy saving option for decorative lighting.

Christmas Flameless Candles – LED Tea Light Candles  

Christmas Flameless Candles - LED Tea Light Candles


These stunning flameless tea lights lets you add a grand  look to your home in a short time.Set them around your house to flicker and twinkle cheerfulness.

The battery operated votive candles are energy saving and mess free. Available in packs of 24,the flameless LED tea light candles is #1 bestseller at Amazon.

Christmas Flameless Candles


Flameless Wax Candles – Realistic LED Candles

Flameless Wax Candles


The classic flameless wax candles are made of real paraffin wax for a realistic look. The LED flames replace regular wick and have a flickering effect to mimic real flame lighting.

A 10 key remote control gives you the freedom to place the candles at different locations. The timer feature is useful to schedule lighting your candles.

Christmas Flameless Candles






Christmas Flameless Candles – Battery Operated Taper Candles

Taper Candle with Timer


A set of 12 flameless taper candles  with realistic drip detailing. The battery candle lights can be used with any standard candle holder.  The amber glow of the single flame looks realistic.

The flickering flameless candles, made of white resin, have an auto-timer feature .They will stay on for 6 hours and then turn off for 18 hours automatically.

Christmas Flameless Candles





Christmas Flameless Candles Set

Battery Operated Candles


A beautiful flameless candles set that helps you add a festive ambiance at home . There are 3 battery candle lights of different heights.

The flameless candles with remote lets you set the time for lighting. Set them to flicker for 2-4-6-8 hours .Just switch off when not in use.

Christmas Flameless Candles







LED Tea Lights – Battery Operated Votive Candles

flameless tea light candles


Set these glowing flameless tea lights, with realistic wax drips,for a subtle romantic ambiance. The battery tea light candles are long lasting and glows for more than 100 hours.

Simple to use and easy to set for a cozy and beautiful home decor.

Christmas Flameless Candles





Flameless Ivory Drip Taper LED Candles

flameless candles set of 2


A set of 2 Christmas flameless candles that come with its own candlestand. The candle holders  made of plastic has a pewter finish. The electric taper candles are ivory in color and have realistic wax drip effect.

The flameless candles with timer have a single LED flame to give a warm static glow .The auto timer offs the light in 8 hrs.  

Christmas Flameless Candles






Flameless Scented Candles For Christmas Decorations

Luminara Vanilla Scented Flameless Pillar LED Candles


The Luminara Vanilla Scented LED candles– one of the best flameless candles for any special occasion. You get a 3 pcs set of candles measuring 5″, 7 “and 9” that can be set together for a pleasing decoration.

The elegant set of flameless candles with remote  is scented to give it a more real feel. The realistic candle comes with timer for scheduling the lighting ahead.

Christmas Flameless Candles








Red Flameless Candles  Battery Operated Candles

Red Battery Operated Candles with Remote


Here is a  set of 4 red flameless candles -3,4,5 and 6 inches in height for your Christmas home decor. A non messy and smoke free seasonal decor that looks cozy and warm.

A 10 key remote timer makes controlling the flickering flameless candles a breeze. The unique smart control remote feature can be used for  all  other Comenzar candles too.

Christmas Flameless Candles






Christmas Flameless Candles With Remote Control and Timer

Flickering Flameless Candles


A 3 pcs flameless candles set with a message. The realistic LED candles come with decorative  Live, Love, Laugh Decal on them. Here is a set of real wax candles without the fire hazard.

The flameless wax candles have LED flames that you can control with a remote and timer. This gives you the flexibility  of placing it at any location.

Christmas Flameless Candles



Best Flameless Candles For Christmas – Glitter Tealight Candles

Led Flameless Gold Glitter Votive Tealight Candle


Add some glitter to your Christmas decorations with pretty gold glitter votive tealight candles. The battery operated Christmas candles flicker with a soothing glow. They add a sparkle to the festive atmosphere.

Available in sets of 12 or 24 ,you can place them anywhere you want to celebrate. Be it a Christmas party,wedding party,a romantic dinner or any special occasion, the gold glitter flameless candles makes it even more special.

Christmas Flameless Candles






Flameless Pillar Candles From Zazzle

Create your own LED candles to give an unique touch to your festive home decor. The battery operated Christmas candles are flameless candles with timer feature.

Talented designers at Zazzle offer many exclusive options for you to choose from. Pick one and customize it further to give it your personal stamp. Design and personalize  the custom candle wrappers to make them one of a kind.




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25 Christmas Flameless Candles

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