Unique Beaded Doorway Curtains As Room Dividers

The beaded doorway curtains are great to use as hanging room dividers. The art curtains with beads look stylish and are also your curtains for privacy.

Using beaded curtains for doorways as room dividers gives you freedom. It gives you more options to use space effectively. They also add beauty to the surrounding area.

You have bead curtains in different materials choices-bamboo,wood,metal and glass. The unique curtains are not only decorative elements but serve a purpose.

The number of strands in a beaded curtain determines the amount of privacy. Space them apart to use as a decor element or increase the number of strands to keep them closer for privacy.

Choose one to suit your home decor from the attractive choices shared below…

Bamboo Beaded Doorway Curtains

Bamboo bead curtains are works of art that will liven up your interior space. Easily transform your home decor from drab to fab with the bamboo beaded door curtains.

 Beaded Doorway Curtains

 Beaded Doorway Curtains

The unique painted bamboo curtains are crafted with care by hand . Here are the steps transforming the natural bamboo stalks to artistic bead door curtains …

  • Natural bamboo stalks are cut into 2.5″ sections to form the beads.
  • The cut beads are then strung by hand on to wires to create long strands.
  • 125 bead strands are created using approximately 4000 bamboo beads.
  • Following this the beads strands are attached to a wooden hanging bar .
  • Next ,comes the artistic finishing of the bamboo beaded door curtains.
  • Each bead and strand is hand painted according to the art chosen.
  • The workmanship is such that the image is similar on both the sides.

Here are some unique curtains with beads artwork that will make them a statement piece at your home.

Bookcase Beaded Curtain

Bookcase Beaded Curtain

Bookcase Beaded Curtain

The Bookcase Beaded Curtain is a stunning replica of the bookcase. Hang it to create a semi-private divider that you can walk through.

You can also cover up cluttered open shelves to create an impression of wall of books .

Tree of Life Beaded Curtain

Tree of Life Beaded Curtain

Tree of Life Beaded Curtain

This inspirational art curtain is a decorative beaded room divider with the tree of life painted on it. Hang it over doorways to create privacy without closing your door always.

The Tree of Life Beaded Curtain will impress all and get you many compliments.

Kandinsky Beaded Curtain

Kandinsky Beaded Curtain

Kandinsky Beaded Curtain

Designer beaded door curtains with the famous kandinsky circles art painted on it. Express your artistic taste and create a functional room divider for privacy.

The colorful painted bamboo curtains for doors will add a vibrant look to your home decor.

Palm Tree Beaded Curtain

Palm Tree Beaded doorway Curtains

Palm Tree Beaded Curtain

The Palm Tree Beaded Curtain lets you enjoy a tropical vacation at home. The hanging doorway beads curtain has the cool sea view painted on it.

Let the cool breeze flow throw the doorway beads as they form a privacy screen too.

Chakra Beaded Curtain

Chakra Beaded Curtain

Chakra Beaded Curtain

The Chakra Beaded Curtain— An unique beads curtain with the 7 chakras painted on it. The bamboo beaded door curtains are a beautiful reminder of our 7 life force energy centers.

The white beaded door curtain with the seven chakras motivates you to be mindful and present.

Acrylic Beaded Curtains

Acrylic beaded curtains lets you add a beautiful and exotic touch to your room decor. The shiny beads give a luxurious look to the space. The hanging room dividers create semi privacy with strands of acrylic beads stringed together.

Check these Acrylic beaded doorway curtains to add a vibrant feel to your interior

blue Acrylic Beaded Curtains pink Acrylic Beaded Curtains green Acrylic Beaded Curtains silver Acrylic Beaded Curtains  Beads hanging Curtains hanging beads curtain

Wood Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains with hanging wooden door beads add a rustic look to your room decor.

The wood beaded doorway curtains have geometric designs. Wood beads of varying sizes and shapes ,stringed together, form the strands.

The strands attached to a wooden rod makes it easy to install at any opening. The bold patterns transforms them into artistic room dividers.

Check these unique wooden beaded curtains for doorways to create an impact.


Wooden Beaded Door Curtains

Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtains

The bamboo painted beaded curtains  make unique wooden beaded curtains for doorways. The  attractive bead curtains have bold floral designs painted on them.

Beaded Doorway Curtains For Home Decor

Hanging Beaded Doorway Curtains Room Dividers

Hanging Beaded Curtains Room Divider

The hanging bead curtains is used for other functional purposes too. Some of them are…

  • You can hang them over open shelves to hide the clutter look .
  • You can use it to separate your dressing area in the bedroom.
  • Use it in the dorm to separate areas for different functions.
  • The beaded curtains at doorways lets you keep your door open during the day.

The bead curtains will add a fresh look to the decor of any room in your house. Be it the living room,kids room,family room,laundry room,library,etc .

Use the hanging curtain room divider with beads for a stylish look.

How do you plan to use the cool beaded doorway curtains ?

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