15 Great Gifts For Artist Friends Who Are Creative

Finding the perfect gift for holidays is an art. Let your choice of gifts for artist friends reflect your thoughtfulness.Choose from artists gift ideas that they will appreciate.

Checkout these unique gifts for artists. Each one is an example of functional products transformed into an art object.

Unique Gifts For Artists That Are Not Art Materials

Gifts For Artistic Friends

1. Unique Paint Bucket Lamp A creatively designed table lamp perfect for the art lover . The lamp is designed like paint is spilling from the bucket. The cute table lamp is available in 6 vibrant colors.

Gifts For Artist Friend

2. Melting Time Clock A funky desk clock inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous painting. The cool clock is a conversation starter and an artist’s delight . It is functional and perfect for the art geek’s to check time.


3.Elephant Wood Pen Holder With Phone Holder A cute wood pen holder shaped like an elephant. This is a multi function pen stand. It helps your artist friend keep his cell phone safe. The elephant’s trunk acts as the mobile support.

art drink coasters artistic gifts

4. Modern Drink Coasters With Abstract Art print These thirstystone drink coasters make a great gift for those who appreciate art. The designer coasters for drinks with bold abstract pattern reflects an artistic taste.

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artist watch cool gift for artists

5. Cool Artist Watch Gift your artistic friend this whimsical watch to let him make a fashion statement as an artist. A fun designer watch with paint tubes,palette and brushes pattern. And you can check time among these too! Made to high quality standards,the cool artist watch is a great gift for the holidays.

artist apron cool artist friend gift

6. Artist Attitude Apron The artist apron is a practical gift choice in whimsical gifts for your artist friends. The black and white artist apron let’s them show off their cool attitude.

Good Gifts For Artsy Friends

modern art print shower curtain

7. Abstract Art Shower Curtain Be inspired in the bathroom too! The artsy shower curtain has the print of Kandinsky artwork .

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8. Famous Painting Art Socks Give an unique gift of art socks with the amazing artworks of famous artists.

art socks famous paintings artist friends gifts

Here is a set of 5 pairs of artwork socks :

  • Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night socks,
  • Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa socks,
  • Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus socks,
  • Raphael Sanzio’s Cherub Angels socks,
  • Edvard Munch’s The Scream socks.

van gogh mug

9. Van Gogh Mug Gift the art enthusiast a Van Gogh Mug to have coffee with the famous artist. Just add hot water to see van Gogh’s ear disappear! The Van Gogh mug with disappearing ear makes an unusual gift for artistic friends.

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Art Supply Gifts For Artist Friends

Any artist will love an extra set of art materials. And these art supply gifts will make them excited to start creating art immediately.

pencil organizer great gift for artists

10. Pencil Organizer Case This pencil organizer is indeed the best pencil case for artists who travel to create art. The large pencil case with compartments makes it easy for the artist to organize his art pencils . You have 5 layers in this large capacity pencil case.

desktop easel for artists

11. Desktop Easel Stand A cleverly designed desktop artist easel that makes creating art a pleasure. Easy to use with 4 adjustable easel positions. The artist desk with storage helps the artist keep his art supplies organized.

artist paint brush set

12. Artist Paint Brush Set Whatever your artist friend’s interests ,this brush set will be handy. Be it acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache or face painting. You have seven paint brushes that come in a holder that can be converted to a brush stand.

Wacom Intuos Pen And Touch Tablet

13. Wacom Intuos Pen And Touch Tablet The Wacom Intuos Pen And Touch Tablet helps you create amazing digital art . Your digital artist friend will love this digital drawing tablet. It is an art tool that all artists will find useful to create awesome artworks with ease.

acrylic paint markers

14. Acrylic Paint Markers A beautiful set of acrylic paint markers for creating art on different materials. You can not only now paint on canvas but also on glass,rock,wood,terra cotta,plastic and more.

 colored pencils set

15. Artist Colored Pencils Set Gift the set of colored pencils set for your creative friend to make awesome art. The pencil set contains 120 unique colors with no duplicates. A wide variety of shades to create unique artworks.

Christmas Gifts For Artist Friends

Christmas Gifts For Artist Friends


What to buy an artist friend? This is the thought running in your mind as you shop for Christmas gifts.

I hope the above list of gift ideas helped you choose gifts for art lovers.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!



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